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Thursday, February 10, 2011

EcoLips Baby and EcoLips Aroma

Ready! Two of the natural lip balm, with two totally different destinations, with two compositions that gave me trouble (I searched for therapeutic action, protection or care, little ore none processed raw materials, effects on skin and different recipes). And because today I can talk about it (a little time before pictures), we agreed to present below the first two lines of EcoLips natural balm
  1.  EcoLips Baby: Shea butter, sweet almond oil, chamomile oil, beeswax. Has an almost foamy consistency, smooth and apparently very fat. But after applying, you can rest assured dear mothers: it is just a protective layer that takes care of your baby's lips. Shea butter is raw, unrefined, extracted by traditional methods and comes from organic crops. About its properties, you can read HERE. Sweet almond oil, fine and good emollient, is ideal for babies, care for their skin as soft and natural as we mothers want to offer. You can also massage your nipples before breastfeeding, in this way is easy to avoid those painful cracks or damage while little ones drink their milk with such desire. Obtained through a cold extraction process, mechanical press, sweet almond oil has some special advantages, which I invite you to read more detailed HERE (emollient, nourishing, protective, moisturizing). Chamomile oil is ideal for small cracks, dryness of the lips, is delicate and is recommended by all pediatricians when small skin problems appear (more details about the action of chamomile oil you can find HERE). Ideal for babies, from the early days, ideal for nursing mothers.                                                                                                                                                            . 
  2. EcoLips Aroma: coconut butter, olive oil, sea buckthorn oil, castor oil, corn oil, vitamin E, beeswax. It has a tougher consistency, provides protection and suppleness of lips, has a repairing effect, healing, emollient and care, has an orange light which is not visible on the lips; is a complex fragrance and leaves behind a thin film without giving unpleasant sensation of grease. It can be used by adults (ladies and gentlemen) and is an excellent base for make-up lips. Excellent in summer as lip balm with sunscreen, winter and nutritious serving as a protective barrier against cold and wind. Coconut butter, like Shea butter, comes from organic farming and is crude, unrefined, obtained by the method of mechanical press. It has a fresh fragrance, irresistible, is a powerful antioxidant (details will be treated in separate article link HERE), antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial, speeds healing, provide protection and nurturing if it's about injuries or wounds. Extra virgin olive oil (cold pressed, unrefined) is nourishing, protective, has antioxidant properties and has a high content of monounsaturated fatty acids (we elaborate on this type of oil, extra virgin, in a separate article that will be available HERE).Sea Buckthorn Oil, who offers a slightly orange tint to EcoLips natural balm, is an excellent healing agent, antibacterial, slows the aging process, good in case of burns, frostbite, good protector against solar radiation (details will be found HERE). Castor oil, known and used since ancient times, has skin healing action: cell regenerator, anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, calming and healing action for injury or rejuvenates the slow healing process (more details on properties of castor oil HERE). Unrefined corn oil, along with an irresistible fragrance of popcorn and a yellow, almost orange color, contains a complex of omega 3 and omega 6 acids, vitamins and trace elements, is a rich source of vitamin E. In other words, if we talk about skin care, refined corn oil is one of the ingredients required to restore suppleness, elasticity and skin health (we'll write more about this type of oil in an article that will be available HERE). Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that completes the therapeutic properties of  EcoLips natural balm recipes.

Beeswax comes from Bio hives endorsed by EcoCert, located in Arad county and provides that protection and product stability, which no other ingredient can claim: a slight feeling of strength and grease sensation disappearance.

Sweet Almond Oil - ideal for hydration and emollient

Often used in cosmetic recipes, especially for skin hydration and hair, sweet almond oil is present in every product recommended for elasticity, improvement and prevention of stretch marks, is nourishing and emollient and can be used for any kind of skin. Without using synthetic oils or animal fat, vegetable oils are absorbed more easily...

Being a very good oil, sweet almond oil can help relieve itching and inflammation of the skin, symptoms that are quite common when talking about pregnant women. In general oils are recommended to be used on wet skin, previously cleaned and easy massage for being absorbed into the skin. Also, sweet almond oil is very good for massage bath time for babies and small children, leaving skin elastic and deeply nourish. That should provide us the degree of finesse that the oil has on the skin.

For lips, cold-pressed oil is a good natural ingredient of EcoLips natural balm stick since almonds are a nutritional power, being rich in vitamins A, B and E. And also, we can rely on the benefits of sweet almond oil and its action as a ultraviolet protection factor, soothes and rejuvenates the skin restoring its natural suppleness.

Castor Oil for cell regeneration

Today we give you a little detail about therapeutic properties of one oil we use in natural balm EcoLips: Castor oil (Ricinnus communis) cold pressed. Known in ancient Egypt, India, China and Persia, was named by the Romans "palm of Christ" ('palm Christi ') due to its curative action.

It is an excellent cell regeneration, is known for external use in skin diseases, wounds or serious illnesses that require prolonged treatment and maintenance. It is much used for hair, eyebrows, eyelash or hair loss, but the same effect of improving the appearance and care we have on the lips. For this reason, many cosmetic products and specialized treatments call for the beneficial effects of Castor oil.

It is known and shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, cleaning, detoxification and healing effect and is therefore ideal for a natural lip balm in the warm season (soothes and removes burns or injuries caused by sun and wind) and the best choice in winter (frost and lack of sunlight that dry our sensitive skin).

In general, scalp and skin work wonders, especially when it comes to aging, to regain sharpness and the disappearance of fine wrinkles and cracks, because is a good emollient and conditioner. Therefore, one of the recipes for the natural EcoLips balm stick uses this precious oil, crude, in the adult scheme: EcoLips Aroma.

Shea Butter - life and health in a natural style


     'Sacred tree' or 'the tree of life' - Shea, Karite or Mangifolia actually refers to a single tree native of Africa. Extremely difficult to grow, reaches maturity after 50 years and in some countries the law protects the specimen; grows wild, uncultivated, this is why the price of butter is quite high. For centuries, African medicine men have used Shea butter to heal the skin and scalp disease; in modern times we learned the scientific and the real reason for using this rich butter.

A perfect mixture of fatty acids for skin, including oleic acid and stearic acid - the most important. Shea butter is high in vitamin A and vitamin E that helps cell regeneration and has anti-aging effects.

With organic Shea butter, unprocessed, the EcoLips stick hydrates skin, protects the against pollutants and maintain elasticity, eliminating the crust aspect. The lip stick with this rich butter can be used daily for children, as well as being a base for the makeup of the ladies, for intense care and moisture, is ideal for men, especially when your job or hobbies keep you un the roads or in open air.

Shea butter also has a healing effect and, used daily, will calm irritated skin and protect, in addition, after a session of the solar or at the beach. Using natural EcoLips Stick, containing organic shea butter, unprocessed, ease unpleasant sensations, solar burns, keep your lips smooth and they will not suffer from the action of ultraviolet light.

EcoLips - a natural balm for soft and healthy lips

It is true that with the natural trend, we return to old recipes that we used to prepare, we appeal to knowledge of grandparents, to the substances known in different parts of the globe and whom are gold for the skin and body, more than ordinary commercial products. The flow of chemicals led to an explosion of allergies, excessive sensitization, irritation and many other skin problems. And once we have access to information easier, we read, we find more data and analysis in particular showing a good product and the way it's used the raw material.

In this world, because of speech, lack of drinking good water, cold or sun, etc., we suffer from sensitive skin and lips, unconditionally, support more than all the rest of the body. Lips are acquiring many of the chemicals that are then ingested (lipsticks, lip gloss etc..) accidentally or because of tics, and if you read the labels .... the only natural product, sometimes is distilled water! 

Therefore we chose to use 100% natural composition, by special moisturizing butters and oils, repairing the skin, softeners: Shea butter, cocoa butter, grape seed oil, chamomile oil, corn oil, rice oil or Castor oil with beeswax or palm wax. And in addition, some essential oils have healing effect, restoring, refreshing, soothing, without problems even for little children. 

So we made for us and for you a few recipes for the lip balm:

EcoLips Baby - is a balm that bears only raw organic butters, unrefined, with wax, without essential oils, safe and protective for infants (under 3 months) and people with sensitive skin.
EcoLips Children - a basic recipe, which contain special oils and butters, with beneficial effects on the lips, without unwanted effects if children eat it, without essential oils (for children over 3 months). The balm can be used also by people with sensitive skin, but you can use as a base for lip makeup.
3. EcoLips Aroma - A complex balm, which besides the basic recipe contains essential oils and 100% natural flavors, depending on the specific recipe, in order to increase therapeutic effect on long term. It fits all the preferences but it is not recommended for small children or people with sensitive skin. It can be used as a base for lip makeup.
4. EcoLips Cleaner - besides the basic recipe, no essential oil, our balm carry natural plant powders in composition, excellent for easy peeling of the lips, giving a feeling of softness after use, remains on the lips without leaving a greasy feeling and activates microcirculation. Use 2-3 times per week.

After perfecting recipes and complete laboratory tests, the approval of Ministry of Health and documentation to display here, on the blog, our EcoLips natural balm will be available for all of us. And about the effect on your lips - guaranteed one of healthy softness and shine!